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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Profile the Muslims!!!

On one of the busiest flying weekends of the year, our myopic, politically correct government decided to further inconvenience domestic air travellers with excessive security checks, because a crazed Muslim, aged 18-25, tried to blow up an airplane full of people over Detroit, after departing from Amsterdam. Of course Holland is perhaps the most tolerant, Muslim-friendly country in all the western world. It is literally being colonized by hostile Muslims and the Dutch continue to bend over backwards to accommodate them regardless of how hostile they are toward their hosts.

When is America going to pull it's head out and start profiling Muslims who're coming into the country? I'll wager that even if this attempt had been successful and there had been bodies strewn from Saginaw to Kalamazoo that day, our government would have insisted that we not judge Islam nor give in to the temptation to unfairly single Muslim travellers out for scrutiny. They'd say that our diversity is our strength and that profiling is equal to religious persecution.

What a load of crap!

The only group on Earth who are hell-bent on killing Americans are Muslims. Every other country in the world is laughing at our stupidity. Sure, one or two might get through despite our efforts but, it won't be because we invited it with blinding political correctness.

Profiling all crazed Muslims, aged 18-25, who are immigrating or visiting America would stop most of these incidents.


David said...

The first six months of 2010 have me travelling across the pond seven times. And everytime I schlep through the Altanta airport sucumbing to the laughable but annoying TSA shoe-removal process I will be angry. I don't take incompetence and delay well. So look out.

Even when I'm in uniform as a US serviceman I must remove my shoes. Humiliating.

Bill said...

I flew across the pond recently on a military charter. What a reversion to the "good old days" of airline travel. No asinine screening, wider seat width and pitch, and a hot meal every time we took off (4). Makes the thought of flying commercial nausea inducing.

David said...

The U.S. airlines have done a really good job of sucking all the fun (and glamour) out of flying. When they attempt to appeal to everone, they appeal to no one. I pray for a business class upgrade when hopping the pond. That way I am sipping a mimosa (with pinky extended) while the rest of the poor saps schlep buy me with dreams of cramming all their baggage in the overhead.

That's another thing: I board with my Kindle (ebook reader), an extra pair of underwear, toothbrush, and a hand full of Melatonin tablets while everone else brings 2-3 "carry-on" items. This policy is way too relaxed. It stems from the belief that the rules apply to everyone else.