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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fat-kid video clips are awesomely awsome!

Heh, heh...a fat kid attempts a cannon-ball into a lake........that's frozen!

From Linkiest...

EMBED-Fat Guy Lake Cannonball Fail - Watch more free videos

It's a good thing he's been stuffing his face with hamburgers, fries, and ice-cream his whole life because a skinny dude might have broken his spine rather than the ice.


BelchSpeak said...

The walrus got trapped under the ice.

ed said...

Yeah, I thought he wasn't coming up for a minute there.

David said...

He's lucky he was able to resurface. He is part of the dumb masses and from the looks of it will be a voter in a few years if he survives.