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Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Sports Reporters" features too much agenda and too little sports reporting

I was watching the Sports Reporters this morning on ESPN and the topic was Urban Meyer's unexpected departure from Florida and, his citation of health reasons. William C. Rhodan(pic) made the outrageous argument that the NCAA or the federal government should legislate that like players, coaches should be limited to how much time they spend at their jobs because of the adverse health effects that come from the stress of big-time college football. What an idiot!

Coaches are employees, not student/athletes. If Urban Meyer wants to work himself to death, that's his business, the same as it is Rhoden's if he works himself too hard.
Would Rhoden be OK with the government dictating how much time he gets each week to write his columns? For guys like Rhoden, government interference in other peoples' lives is OK as long as it stays out of his life.

The next moronic thing he said was that any NCAA school that fails to interview at least one minority to fill a head-coaching position vacancy, should be penalized 5 scholarships. I wonder if he's for the same quota system on the field as off of it? Blacks only make up 12% of the population yet, black student/athletes dominate football and basketball at the college and professional levels. I don't hear him complaining about that disparity. I guess affirmative action and quotas are only good if they unfairly benefit black kids and coaches and punish white ones.

Every time I watch that show, I'm reminded of why I don't watch it.

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