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Thursday, April 03, 2014

US, embarrassingly hypocritical on drug use

So based on her admission of past illicit drug use(without prosecution much less conviction), Nigella Lawson, who is legally employed and pays taxes in the US, was denied boarding on a flight from the UK to Los Angeles.
Does this make any sense to anybody?
-Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, famous admitted drug users, come to the US whenever they like.
-Illegal immigrants from Mexico, most of them probably drug mules if not addicts themselves, come across the border unhindered, welcomed by our government with the promise of generous welfare benefits.
-I'd bet at least half of the congressmen and senators in DC are rabid cocaine users, or have been at some point in their lives. We know Barack Obama smoked pot for years and did cocaine regularly. Probably still dabbles today from time to time.....how else to tolerate being married to Michelle?
I don't know Ms. Lawson from Adam's house cat, but she generates income for a lot of people here and she pays a lot of taxes. Why make some sort of we-disapprove-of-drugs example of her?


Anonymous said...

Who is this lady? I've never heard of here.david

Ed said...

She's a British cooking show host.....their sexier version of Martha Stewart. She also is a judge on an American cooking-based reality show.

She was recently in the news for other reasons including a high-profile divorce in which her dabbling in pot and cocaine was made public. She was never charged, much less prosecuted....so who cares?

david said...

I don't care.

david said...

Although I am curious about British food. I've never been impressed.

Ed said...

I get the impression their gourmet food is not much different than ours, but the proletarian offerings leave much to be desired.