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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chicago schools go full Afrocentric with their curriculum

As if Chicago weren't a pit of social hopelessness and chaos already, the city school system is adopting an "Afrocentric" curriculum from 5K through 10th grade, to prop up the self-esteem of students with politically favorable skin color and create politically-useful grievances toward their white classmates and white society in general. Instead of offering a class in African-American history, they're tainting EVERY class and subject with racial themes. Trouble is, they're finding it difficult to infuse race into a math curriculum.....3x4=12....where's the racial component of that?
Not so fast, I think I found one. How about this as a real-world math problem that Chicago students might understand:
[Tyrone is a drug dealer. He's doing a 5-year gig in Joliet Correctional for beating the crap out of his common-law wife, Bernice. But Bernice needs rent money so she's selling all Tyrone's stuff. If Bernice needs $1,200 for rent and Tyrone's stereo and guns are only worth $300, how many 8-balls of meth @ $300 each, does she have to sell to make up the difference?]
Isn't common core partially about making the academic content relate to the lives of the students? So you see, I'm part of the solution. You're welcome. ;-)