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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Powdered alcohol? Is this for real or are we being punked?

This might be the dumbest idea ever. Powdered alcohol. Apparently they can separate the water from the alcohol molecules and absorb the alcohol onto some carbohydrate polymer, then reconstitute the powder with water to make an adult beverage.

Imagine how many stupid teenagers will kill themselves each year by snorting it, dissolving it in water at a concentrated level then injecting it, lacing food, spiking power drinks then OD'ing. The abuse potential far outweighs the benefits.....if there are any benefits.

Compare powdered alcohol to other drugs in powdered form, cocaine, heroin, etc., look at how idiots kill themselves with it, then decide if this is something that should be legalized.

On the other hand, as a libertarian, I think decriminalization of most drugs would be a good thing as far as getting the tyrannical government out of the private lives of the citizenry. And alcohol is already legal, so why not have a handful of new ways to kill ourselves with it?

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