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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Obama warns Putin: "I won't draw my saber, but I'm going to rattle it a lot for show."

So Obama is sending 600 US troops into four countries thought to be nervous about Putin's intentions: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. That's 150 troops doing rotational deployments in each country for the foreseeable future, to do what exactly? Ostensibly they're there to conduct combat exercises, but the real reason is to intimidate Putin into softening his aggression toward the Ukraine.

Putin knows this and doesn't care. The war-horses have already left the Obama barn, there's no intimidating our enemies now. They know we don't have the resolve, much less the desire, to fight them. Does anybody think Putin will be scared of the mighty US military with Obama in charge of it? Who left on Earth is intimidated by the kinder, gentler US military?


Bill said...

My only surprise is that Obama hasn't yet tried to intimidate Putin by reminding Vlad that "Obama killed bin Laden". I guess even he knows that well dried up long ago. Besides, Vlad's killed list is way bigger!

Ed said...

Right you are Bill. I think the intimidation ship has sailed and left Obama standing on the dock with his thumb up his ass. There's nothing he can do.

Maybe if the whole world stops trading with Russia, that might be punishment, but which of Russia's trading partners has the resolve to do that over the Ukraine?