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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A little pee never hurt anybody

Regular reader Dave sent this story in.....and you all know how I like a good pee story.

Up in Portland, Or, some kid peed in their reservoir and this freaked out the retarded water authority manager, now he's draining the entire 38million gallon reservoir.....for like the 3rd time because of some imagined contamination involving pee.

Let me break it down for you: first of all, urine is sterile. It won't hurt you. Even if you are irrationally afraid of a little urea, the ppm of a bladder-full in 38M gallons breaks down to the nanoMolar scale(the most toxic, poisonous substance known(Keith Richard's blood) won't hurt you at that concentration).

It's an open air reservoir, dead animals, bird poo, and who knows what else are rotting in that water 24/7. It gets filtered before it goes to your tap.

This guy probably ducks his head in the YMCA pool during "adult swim" every summer Saturday.....think how much pee he's actually drinking then? Who in his right mind is that grossed out by a little pee in the town reservoir?