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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, April 28, 2014

Obama backs down from UN confrontation with Iran

Dingbat US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers, viciously objected to the preposterous inclusion of Iran on the UN's women's rights commission.....in a tweet, after the fact. She didn't bother to show up for the vote and actually object on the floor of the UN, however. Why not?

Apparently there were precisely the same number of nominees as there were vacant seats on the council so the installation of those countries into those seats took exactly 103 seconds because nobody objected. Clearly the whole thing was a kabuki charade with the outcome predetermined weeks or months ago.

Still, why wouldn't the Obama administration (and make no mistake it wasn't Powers' oversight or mistake....she was told by the administration not to be present) not want to be on record as objecting to Iran being on the commission? Perhaps because Obama is tired of other nations making him look like the adolescent, rank amateur he really is, on the world stage? I don't think he wants to go up against anybody now because he knows he commands no respect around the world and all other world leaders are either rolling their eyes or laughing at him, or both.