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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The US finding new ways to kiss Muslim ass

$400,000 of your and my tax dollars went to pay some dirty hippie to make this life-sized statue of a camel out of fiberglass that will decorate the front yard of the new American embassy in Pakistan. The camel is gazing into the eye of that huge needle. (For the biblically stupid, the camel getting through the eye of a needle is a metaphor for the difficulty with which the wealthy can get into heaven.)

State Department rules say that any art on foreign American property must be consistent with the prevailing religious practices of that country.....in this case, the barbaric cult of Islam. But why this particular statue with this specific theme, you may ask?

I think it's clear. In dhimmi fashion, the US government wants to bow to Islamic Pakistanis by acknowledging that rich Americans will not get into their version of heaven.