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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, April 18, 2014

Silky Pony's back in the courtroom

John Edwards and his former law partner started another personal injury firm, EdwardsKirby, and their first big case is attempting to bilk a hospital out of millions by suing an ER doctor alleging that he didn't do enough to make sure a 4 year old patient got enough oxygen. The boy is brain damaged and of course the parents are blaming the deepest pockets around on the advice of charlatan Edwards.

Edwards is a degenerate, piece of shit trial attorney who made his millions falsely blaming a long line of North Carolina obstetricians for not performing C-sections fast enough. He even once pretended to channel the soul of an infant in open court to convince a jury of 12 morons that the family deserved millions in damages, of which he happily helped himself to a third.

If I could make only one reform in the US, as much as I'd like to reform the tax code, reforming tort adjudication might be first on the list. I hate that ass-holes like John Edwards can play on the sympathies of 12 people too stupid to know better and extract millions in phony damages, to pay for their lavish life styles.