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Friday, April 18, 2014

Absurd sentence turns one tragedy into two

This is 16 yo Kristan Davis, of St. Claire County, Alabama. She died in 2012 when she was thrown in a crash, from the back seat of a car driven by a drunk 17 year old boy.

Tragic? Yes. Avoidable? Absolutely.

The man who bought the 17 yo driver the alcohol just got sentenced to the maximum 3 years in prison. All he did was buy some beer for the kid.

The DA in the case lectured, "This should be an example that providing alcohol to school aged kids can be deadly."

Well no shit Sherlock! But how about listing all the horrible life decisions that were made by Kristan herself, each one of which, if made differently, could have saved her life.

First, she hung out with a kid who begged strange adults to buy him booze. Who but a loser does that?
Second, she willfully crawled into the back seat of a car driven by a 17 yo who was drinking.
And critically, Third, she didn't wear a seatbelt. (Both front seat passengers had their belts on and walked away essentially unharmed)

The 17 yo driver enjoyed youthful offender status so his punishment was a slap on the wrist. Sure punish the guy who bought the beer, that is against the law, but 3 years in jail? That's ridiculous!


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

You and I see people who make choices, some good and some not so good. The bad choices sometimes result in pain or loss. Governments see VICTIMS needing a champion to go to bat for them. Hitting someone with the bat shows what a great benefactor you are. Whether that person deserves to be hit is only tangentially part of the equation.

David said...

Right on Isaac!