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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We really are a food-stamp nation

This is the bloated farm bill the Senate just passed. I'm sort of OK with the crop insurance as we need these guys to stay in business, even if a drought or hail storm destroys their crops one year. I'm not clear on the other items, mainly because they amount to nothing compared to the part in blue. Almost 80% of the farm bill is paid out to welfare derelicts in the form of food stamps?

In order to remain in power, democrats need as many Americans as possible needy and dependent on government for the basic needs of life. They also know that it is human nature for most to be lazy, preferring idleness to industriousness, if the pay for idleness is enough. This is why the Obama administration relaxed the qualifying standards for food stamps and predictably, millions more Americans glommed onto the food stamp gravy train, and ostensibly are bound to vote democrat to keep the stamps coming.

It's embarrassing that we Americans will choose so easily, shiftlessness and dependency over work and responsibility.

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David said...

Curious, I was listening to the news on my commute this morning. The farm bill was the lead item but there was no mention of the blue area you refer to. In fact, this is the first place I've seen any mention of then" rest of the story". Shameful.