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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The slogan "Boston Strong" apparently doesn't apply to the police department there

Sign #3,167 that the apocalypse is surely upon us....

Boston police are being forced to cater to transgendered criminals when they arrest them. First, if the the tranny is named Karl, but wants to be called Sheniqua, the arresting officer must address Karl as Sheniqua so there are no hurt feelings. Moreover, the officer must ask which pronoun gender the perp prefers, him/he or her/she. Additionally, if the perp is uncomfortable with the gender of the arresting officer, he/she may request a different officer by whom to be frisked. They will also be given private cells in jail.

Look, I don't care if your pursuit of happiness includes a sex change or cross-dressing or whatever. It's not my business and I respect what everybody does to pursue happiness as long as it doesn't impede other peoples' pursuit of happiness. But, you don't receive special privileges because of it.

What a messed up state Massachusetts is.

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