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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 03, 2013

IRS....bloated, over-funded, and criminal

During a recent audit of the IRS, it was discovered that $49million was spent by IRS bureaucrats on 220 conferences over just 3 years. Among the very serious learning activities were the lamest parodies you've ever seen of Star Trek and Gilligan's Island. In addition "team building" exercises such as office line dancing lessons were paid for by tax payers.

Why do government employees need to attend conferences anyway? Their jobs consist of following exhaustively written manuals, slacking off, and intimidating tax payers....and all of it with little or no oversight.

Despite the rampant, disturbing scandals and epic waste of money, is there anybody naive enough to think that congress will reign in that bloated, over-funded agency? Congressman of both parties need as much of your money as they can wring out of you in order to buy votes and the IRS gets it for them. They won't stop the theft of taxpayer money, they'll just talk about stopping it during election season.

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