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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, June 14, 2013

Really? We're meddling in Syria now?

Well, the Obama administration finally says it has definitive proof that Bashir-al Assad of Syria used Sarin gas on his people. That's the dreaded "red line" which if crossed, would trigger actions by the Americans in Syria. But what does that mean?

One one side are the rebels who've publicly pledged undying support for Al-Qaeda and on the other is the more or less secular Assad regime which may or may not have gassed Syrian rebels. Who do we arm? The rebels who'll kill Assad or run him off into exile, then turn those very weapons on Americans? That's the plan? Regardless of what the nature of the intervention is, the estimated cost will be $50Billion per day....that's PER DAY. Where is that money coming from?

There is no smart plan for Syria. The only smart thing is to stay out of there and let them sort it our for themselves. Where are all the European countries on this? Why is it our responsibility to handle every crisis in the world?

Short answer: it's not.

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