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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sarah Palin got it right on Syria

Everybody heaps scorn, contempt, and ridicule on Sarah Palin, only a tiny bit of it is deserved, mostly because of her oddball family. That said, when she said last week that the US had no business in Syria and that we should just let Allah sort it out, she was dead on the money.

There are no good guys in Syria only a secularist dictator who used Sarin gas to kill some citizens and the rebels who have pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda.

What's our play in Syria? Run Assad out and into exile in Russia or somewhere and install a US favored puppet regime? Or is it to endlessly fund, but not get involved in, the Assad resistance forces? Or is it to spend thousands of US lives and trillions of taxpayer dollars to essentially occupy Syria like we do Iraq and Afghanistan for the next 10-20 years, keeping the peace?

You don't have to like Sarah Palin, but you must agree that she's spot on with this assessment of Syria. Just let Allah sort it out and we'll deal with whatever is left standing.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Here are a few headlines you evidently missed, Ed.

Syria Rebels Caught with Sarin Gas in Turkey
Suspected Syrian militants have reportedly been detained in Turkey with a cylinder of highly poisonous sarin gas found in their possession.

BUSTED: CIA's Al Qaeda Mercenaries In Syria Caught with Sarin Gas

Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan: Sarin gas use in Syria Has Gulf of Tonkin false flag written all over it!

UN Investigators Say: Evidence is That Rebels Used Sarin, Not Assad. Obama and Cameron Channeling Bush's WMD's To Escalate War.

Ed said...

I don't think Obama or Cameron are smart enough to engineer phony Sarin gas stories as a reason to invade Syria. I just think the media gets the phony humanitarian vapors whenever chemical weapons rumors fly and Obama is reacting to the hysteria.

Now, do I think the military/industrial/political complex is so vast now after 12 solid years of war, and they see Iraq and Afghanistan winding down, that they need another war to keep themselves busy and so they collude with each other to manufacture the need for US involvment in Syria?

Yes, that's entirely possible, if not probable. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"...the military/industrial political complex ... need[s] another war to keep themselves busy...."

More importantly, Israel wants a war in Syria. ("In", not "with".)

It is a necessary prelim to the coming war in Iran, the long-sought-after and much desired trigger for WWIII.

Ed said...

I realize that these events play into the biblical prophesies of the second coming of Christ, but His return has been predicted by thousands over the years....wrongly.

Jews don't believe in Christ as the savior of the world. Why would they attempt to fulfill, by their actions or by urging the actions of others, a biblical outcome prophesied by those with whom them fundamentally disagree?

In other words Isaac, why does Israel desire a war with Iran?

Our political machine, our Pentagon, and our subcontractors desire a war with Iran, but for commercial reasons....and possibly our idealogues wish to establish and American hegemony in the region since we'll have occupied virtually every worthwhile country in the middle east by that time.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Q. "...why does Israel desire a [U.S.]war with Iran?"

A. "Israel clearly prepares itself to seek overtly a hegemony over the entire Middle East...without hesitating to use for the purpose all means available, including nuclear ones." ~Israel Shahak, Open Secrets: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies, Pluto Press, 1997, p. 2.

Ed said...

Isaac, I have to disagree with this entirely. Israel has had nukes for decades. If regional hegemony was their goal, they'd have established it by now.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Take it up with Israel Shahak*, Ed. Your beef is with him, not me.

*Holocaust survivor and Israeli professor of chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ed said...

I don't have a beef with anybody. Israel may not play nice with its hostile neighbors, but that doesn't equate to desiring nuclear war with them.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Ed, you personify one of the gravest problems America faces today - a populace that not only is ignorant of the facts, it is entirely indifferent to them. They (and you) have such an inflated sense of their intelligence and wisdom that facts and information are unnecessary.

What they "feel" about an issue, any issue is, ipso facto, unassailable truth.

You say, "I have to disagree with this entirely", while at the same time being completely and hopelessly ignorant of, and indifferent to, the mountains of written and spoken assertions by Israelis, past and present, that hegemony is precisely their aim. First over Palestine, then over the Middle East in general, culminating in hegemony over the entire world.

I didn't say it; they did. You just weren't listening. Evidently your motto is, "Facts? I don't need no stinkin' facts!"

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

P.S. Do you know who the Talmud says that the Messiah is, Ed? It says that the Messiah, the Saviour of the world, is the Jewish people, themselves. THEY, as body, have been chosen by God to rule over the whole world with an iron fist. When you carry water for Israel, as you so often do, you help bring in the Age of the Iron Fist.

Thanks for nothing.

Ed said...

Isaac, self-styled representatives who claim to speak for the whole of the Jewish nation have said a lot of things. It is actions by which one must be judged, not words.

The Palestinians are right there, destitute, helpless, and wholly incapable of resisting Israel....why hasn't Israel "ruled with an iron fist" the Palestinians? What are they waiting for if their endgame is world domination?

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"...why hasn't Israel "ruled with an iron fist" the Palestinians?"

Ed, Ed, Ed. You are the poster boy for clueless. Israel HAS ruled the Palestinians with an iron fist. You have chosen to be both ignorant of - and indifferent to - that widely-known and well-documented fact.

The Israeli's treatment of the Palestinian people reveals what is in store for the rest of the world if Talmudic ambitions are ever fully realized. It ain't pretty.

Ed said...

Isaac, the poor, put-upon Palestinians have been treated far better IN Israel, by Jews, then they have been treated by other Arabs, Persians, whatever.

The Palestinian people have been used by the other Arab nations as the primary weapon against the Zionist state. Without the "Palestinian issue" to whine about, Israel's neighbors wouldn't find much to complain about to the UN.

You point out all the terrible things a few Jews have said regarding world domination, but what actions have they taken toward that end? I don't see much at all.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"I don't see much at all."

"There are none so blind as those who WILL not see."

~ancient proverb, looking ahead into the future and seeing...Ed.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Or, as Leonardo Da Vinci said, "There are three classes of people: those who see; those who see when they are shown; those who do not see."

Ed said...

Proverbs are nice and all that, but show me some evidence of Israel's world domination designs.