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Monday, June 24, 2013

The religion of peace strikes again

In Pakistan, the Taliban are busily dissuading girls from doing anything except covering themselves head to toe and sitting around the house, by throwing acid in their faces. The Taliban frown upon acting, singing, going to school, talking to a man, or any other activity that normal women have done throughout human history.

And this is the same group with whom Obama wants to negotiate a peace settlement in Afghanistan....my guess is because the US military cannot defeat them. Did we learn nothing from Russia's efforts with the Taliban 30 years ago? Somehow Obama sees a difference between Al Qaeda and the Taliban. In terms of human rights, I do not.

You cannot negotiate with dirty Muslims whether they are Al Qaeda or Taliban. There is no such thing to either as "good faith", and Obama is a rube and an amateur for believing that there is.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"You cannot negotiate with dirty Muslims whether they are Al Qaeda or Taliban."

Are all Muslims either Al Qaeda or Taliban? Or are Al Qaeda and Taliban to Islam as Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity?

Ed said...

Isaac, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda-like Muslims are the defacto speakers of the Muslim world....as evidenced by the abject silence of all other Muslims. It is for this reason that I always condemn all Muslims with my words, when I really only mean the terrorists.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Following that (flawed) line of reasoning then, Westboro Baptist Church is the de facto speaker for all of Christendom.

Ed said...

What world do you live in? Christians are among the most vocal critics when anybody does something wrong in the name of Christiandom. So-called moderate Muslims say nothing when terrorists strike.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"So-called moderate Muslims say nothing...."

How do you know, Ed. Do you read Arabic language newspapers? Listen to Arabic language radio and television?

(Just as the citizens of Muslim countries don't read our papers or watch our TV and thus do not know that moderate Christians here condemn Westboro Baptist Church.)

Ed said...

Isaac, what acts of terrorism have the WBC people committed? Are you seriously comparing them to a world-wide terrorist movement....I mean other than they are equally deranged?

Anonymous said...

Man, you would have just loved south africa prior to 1994. News flash buster there's lots of people in the world and when the political tables turn it just might be people of your kind who are the dirty immigrants. There's enough to go around, stop being so scared.