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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, June 07, 2013

That sucking sound you hear is Detroit getting still more of our money

Michigan getting 100M of other peoples' money to tear down abandoned homes and buildings in 5 cities hardest hit by the faltering economy.

Why are we forking over money to pay for this. It's not like a natural disaster. The whole country saw this coming decades ago, yet did nothing to prevent it. Tearing down the houses isn't going to rid the community of drug dealers and criminals, it'll just concentrate them in parts of town where regular citizens live.....let's hear it for forethought.


David said...

Initially I was going to say unbelievable but anymore it's not. I think we are even on the verge of acceptable rounding the bend to expected. When will the motor stall?

Ed said...

Unless Bernanke prints still more money, they'll just keep taking more and more of it from those of us trying to earn a little for our families.

This government has become so bloated, corrupt, and overbearing toward the people it's supposed to serve, that I find it difficult to even be patriotic any more.

My cynical pessimism about the future of the US feels entirely justified. Every time I turn on the TV, I'm presented with still more evidence of the awfulness of government, and I realize with a heavy heart, that I'm the enemy of the state. I'm a guy who wants to keep some of what I've earned, but my government sees me as greedy. I treat all people as equally as I can, but my government treats me as a racist. I believe free men should be free to pursue happiness unencumbered by an obtrusive government meddling in every aspect of life, but my government treats me as a potential terrorist subversive.

To what should I pledge my loyalty and allegiance? America is/was a wonderful idea, but that idea is a distant, hazy image in my imagination that barely resembles America today. I certainly don't see it in ordinary, every day life.

I'll be mercifully gone before it gets really bad, but what will my kids and grandkids have to endure?