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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 03, 2013

McCain unwittingly poses for friendly pic with likely terrorists

Noted war hawk, RINO, and darling of the American leftist media, made a surprise visit to Syria last week to meet with the opposition to Bashar-al Assad's continuing presidency. What he didn't know, but should have, is that at least one and maybe most of the guys in the picture may be affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

McCain's an old guy and probably doesn't know half of what's going on around him, but his handlers certainly should do their homework. Has McCain learned nothing from recent history in the middle east? Just like in Libya, Egypt, Iran, and Iraq, once America has assisted in the his ouster, more radical Islamic elements will seize power and the relatively modern Syria will plunge headlong back into the dark ages.

McCain feels like doing something, anything on the rumors of chemical warfare, that he hasn't considered the alternative. And Sharia medicine is far worse than secular-dictator illness.

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