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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"What difference does it make"? A lot of difference

Here's Hillary testifying before the Senate on the Benghazi attack saying it doesn't make a difference at this point who attacked the embassy or why.....


What difference does it make? A hell of a lot of difference.

First: if it doesn't make a difference, then why send Susan Rice out to 5 different Sunday talk shows to offer the lie that it was because of a months-old Youtube video?

Second: it makes a difference because of what Obama was saying on the campaign trail at the time which was that AQ was "on the run" and posed little or no threat. Essentially a terrorist attack that cost 4 American lives contradicts Obama's campaign claim that his middle-east and AQ policies were resounding successes. 

Third: it makes a difference because of the administrations credibility. Saying one thing to the American people, knowing it to be a lie, demonstrates crass politicization of serious foreign affairs issues and suggests that Obama's campaign was in charge of decision making rather than the State department.

And lastly: it makes a difference to a dude who got very publicly thrown in jail somewhere on trumped up charges because he made a Youtube video.


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