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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, January 31, 2013

John Kerry is an embarrassment

Senator John Kerry, "spending time" with constituents.....heh heh

Without a hint of shame or seemingly to understand the concept of hypocrisy, John Kerry lamented the necessary influence of money in the American political process, during his farewell speech to the Senate yesterday......

From WeeklyStandard -- "There's another challenge that we must address and it is the corrupting force of the vast sums of money necessary to run for office," said Kerry. "The unending chase for money I believe threatens to steal our democracy itself. I've used the word 'corrupting' and I want to be very clear about it: I mean by it not the corruption of individuals but a corruption of a system itself that all of us are forced to participate in against our will."

After committing numerous acts of cowardice in order to get out of Vietnam quickly and then committing treason by meeting, while in uniform, with the enemy to encourage them to continue fighting us, Kerry amassed a fortune unrivaled in the US Senate by seducing, then marrying, not one but two insanely rich widows. Kerry's fortune of $193 million was entirely earned by men far better than him. 

So to sum up, we are confirming a treasonous coward and shameless gigolo to be our Secretary of State? What a pitiful excuse of a country hates itself so much that it trots out the likes of John Kerry to represent it to the world?

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