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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Blogger turns tables on anti-gun journalists, with satisfying results

Last week the Journal News of West Nyack, N.Y published the addresses of all households in Westchester and Rockland counties in which at least one resident has a gun permit. Predictably these people were upset and the board of directors of the paper received many e-mails and phone calls from angry residents. Then a blogger decided that turn-about was fair play and he published the names, addresses, phone numbers, and car models of all reporters, editorial staff, and board directors at the news paper. Given their objection to private gun ownership, ostensibly the criminals in the area now know more than a few houses in which the occupants are unarmed....heh heh.

As all hypocritical  liberals are wont to do, the news paper hired armed men with gun permits to protect them. I guess it's ok to protect yourself when you are a journalists, politician, or celebrity, but regular citizens should not be trusted with that responsibility. 

Somebody should interview the reporters and find how it feels to be outed? 

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