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Friday, January 18, 2013

Marco Rubio has a plan for immigration

Let's face facts on this illegal immigration issue: deporting 12-20 million illegals just is impractical, logistically, legally, ethically, morally, and politically. It's just never going to happen, nor is there ever going to be a 2000 mile long fence that stops all illegals dead in their tracks.

That's why we have to look at some other fix to this problem and Marco Rubio seems to have struck the correct chord between what's right and what's politically possible.

The short-and-sweet of his plan is:
-all criminal illegals will be immediately deported
-everybody else here illegally will be issued temporary work visas, not citizenship, that allow them to stay and work, plus they have to pay taxes and penalties if they want to stay
-among that crowd of guest workers, they can apply for citizenship like normal but they have to get in line behind the people who're doing it legally. Anybody who commits a crime while on temporary status, gets deported
-when your number comes up, you must take and pass the citizenship test, plus demonstrate cultural and linguistic assimilation.

This is the best solution I've heard to what has been an intractable problem for decades. I could get behind this plan. Let's just hope Obama doesn't co-opt it for his own.

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