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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Peter King, just another craven politician

Peter King (R) New York found the nearest camera crew yesterday and lambasted the House GOP for not passing a $60billion hurricane relief bill that contained $30billion in pork, wholly unrelated to hurricane damage. The hurricane Sandy relief bill will pass in a couple of days and King knows this, but he couldn't resist the opportunity to hammer fellow republicans very publicly so that voters in his blue state of New York believe he's on their side.

“I’m saying anyone from New York and New Jersey who contributes one penny to congressional Republicans is out of their minds,” Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., told Fox News. “What they did last night was put a knife in the back of New Yorkers and New Jerseyans.”…

I detest this part of politics...the posturing, the lying, the feigned outrage in front of the cameras, etc. Even more detestable is the way craven politicians allow each other(even from the other party) to sneak the most idiotic and wasteful pork spending into every bill that comes before them....usually with no accountability whatsoever.

I generally respected King for his solid position on terrorism, but he's revealed himself to be at the core, just another entrenched incumbent politician whose only goal is to cling to power for as long as possible.

UPDATE: Chris Christie says he called Boehner 4 times the night before the non-vote on the Sandy relief bill and whined that Boehner didn't take any of his calls. Why should Boehner take panicked, middle-of-the-night calls from a governor who doesn't have any votes in the House or the state Boehner's from?

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