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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When liberals prosecute a war, bad things happen

How do you tell a mother that her son was slaughtered by a terrorist in a dirty night-shirt because he wasn't allowed to kill the terrorist first?

From WashingtonExaminer -- Several Taliban detainees who had been captured in February after being observed placing bombs in the culverts of roads used by civilians and military convoys near Kandahar were fed, given medical treatment, then released by American troops frustrated by a policy they say is forcing them to kick loose enemies who are trying to kill them.

This is what happens when dumb, military-hating liberals prosecute a war. You get stupid rules of engagement where we medicate, feed, and release our enemies with nice parting gifts.

I swear, I am more convinced now than ever that we need to pull completely out of Afghanistan and Iraq with haste and nuke 'em from orbit. If our military can't kill the enemy as the enemy tries to kill them, why are we there? This is pure and utter insanity! With rules of engagement like this, can anybody justify our continued presence there?

If I find out that these ROE's were put in place under Bush, then I will have lost all, ALL respect I ever had for him.


Bill said...

Ed, your post is right on target except I know you are aware that Iraq and Afghanistan are two different countries with highly different situations.

Ed said...

If these rules of engagement are the same, regardless of theater, then my desire to abandon immediately our adventures there stand. I've never heard of anything so absurd.

I read yesterday that the Royal Navy captured 16 pirates but instead of executing them at sea which is what they should have done, they fed, clothed, medicated, and get this...offered nicotine patches for those pirates wishing to quit smoking....all before releasing them back to their own boats and waving merrily as they sailed away to kill some other civilians no doubt. Have you ever heard of anything so stupid? If it were up to me, I would personally shoot all sixteen right between the eyes and not miss afternoon tea.

Anonymous said...

"...nuke 'em from orbit."

Damn straight, Hoss. Kill all them funny lookin' furriners. Ain't none of 'em good as us Amuricans.

Ed said...

Glen, do you know where "nuke 'em from orbit" came from. I'll award you a prized, virtual cookie if you can name the movie.

Ed said...

Also Glen, as obtuse as you are sometimes, even you must recognize hyperbole when it's written? I don't want to nuke the Arab and Muslims, just leave them alone and they'll kill each other and it won't cost us a dime.

Bill Lockhart said...

I agree Ed let us get out and let them kill each other. Treating and releasing war criminals and pirates? Utter Insanity. I could understand not allowing torture by by slowly being skinned alive but treating them as injured comrades? NO!

Aliens BTW (did I cheat? I'll never tell)

Ed said...

"Aliens" it is. Billy gets a cookie.