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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, April 22, 2011

The faces of Big Labor in America

If you think labor unions are about any thing except increasing union bosses' power, you're an idiot!

The National Right to Work Bill is being circulated around the House this month. It wouldn't prevent the formation of labor unions, but it would prevent any union from coercing employees to join up. Thug union bosses want to be able to intimidate everybody into joining their union and in some states they can do just that. Not coincidentally, these are the same states which are depressed and losing industry by the dozens each year. Also not coincidentally, right-to-work states like all southern states are enjoying those industries setting up shop down here where they can do business at the market rate rather than hyper-inflated union rates.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is no place for labor unions in America any more. Workplaces are plenty safe and employment laws prevent discrimination or unfair firing practices. The only purpose of unions is to enrich and empower the thug bosses like Bob Trumpka and Bob King by extorting dues from members who were coerced into joining.

They stay in power by bribing soulless politicians like Obama into making laws that protect their extortion racket. Unions are unAmerican and bad for the economy.


Bill Lockhart said...

Yeah, we saw how well unions worked in the auto industry. And I think it is absolutely unAmerican to deny someone the right to work just because they won't pay to join a union. With OSHA workplaces are punished for the wrong size toilet seats so I think they are sure on top of any real dangers in the workplace. And wages should be at market value and there is always the minimum wage to make sure they don't go down to slave wages. And if labor costs were not inflated prices would go down and then people could afford to but stuff---perhaps even stuff made in America.

Ed said...

Dianne and I are assembling a patio table and chairs that were all made in China. We were exclaiming how embarrassing and pitiful it is that not even stupid deck furniture is made in the country any more. We are not a manufacturing country, we are a country of lazy, entitled consumers of the products of other peoples' labor. PITIFUL!

Bill Lockhart said...

And what is even more pitiful is that the "Made in America" stamp on a product makes it an inferior choice. Made somewhere else is usually better.