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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Libyan adventure: nothing but a turd hunt

This is what a Chinese fire drill this stupid NATO mission in Libya has become in just a week or two....

From FoxNews -- AJDABIYA, Libya -- Rebel fighters claimed NATO airstrikes blasted their forces Thursday in another apparent mistake that sharply escalated anger about coordination with the military alliance in efforts to cripple Libyan forces. At least two rebels were killed and more than a dozen injured, a doctor said.

We, the US, may or may not be on the ground in Libya. We may or may not be in charge of NATO logistics. We may or may not be flying sorties in support of rebels. We may or may not be killing the rebels with the bombs targeted to help them. We may or may not be arming rebels about whom we have almost no intelligence. We may or may not be committed to an extended third war by the absurd man-child sedulously installed by our media as President. And the rebels we are trying to help may or may not be terrorist who'll kill us if given half a chance in a year or two.

Does that about sum up the awesome military planning of our embarrassing President and the inexperienced theorists with which he's surrounded himself?

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Bill said...

Your photo appears to show a multiple rocket launcher from either a helicopter or fighter (probably the former) mounted on a pickup truck. They're nothing if not creative, given they're vastly outranged by the the pro-Qaddafi forces artillery.