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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real life imitates fiction

You liberals think Atlas Shrugged is fanciful nonsense, that government doesn't meddle unnecessarily in the dealings of the market. You think the government regulates only for safety and fairness reasons, never to benefit favored businesses by stifling competition. No, our benevolent leaders are more honorable than that. Atlas Shrugged is pure conservative hogwash. That could never happen in America. Well, think again....

Boeing decided to relocate a plant from Washington state to South Carolina where the labor environment is far friendlier than union-corrupted Puget Sound. 4 labor strikes since 1989 have cost Boeing billions in revenue and put the jet manufacturer at a distinct competitive disadvantage. Not so fast! The National Labor Relations Board - a government regulatory agency- stepped in and filed a law suit against Boeing on behalf of the union thugs who found themselves not only without absurdly high-paying jobs, but without jobs altogether. The NLRB wants to legally prevent Boeing from manufacturing airplanes in SC and force them to build the plant, originally planned for Washington, in Washington.

In Nashville, the city council mandated that limo drivers charge no less than $45 per fare, when the limo market, because of competition, had a minimum of $25. The big limo association clearly has the city council in its pocket and had them regulate the little limo companies out of the market. If the small limo businesses had deep pockets and thought of it first, they could have bribed the council too and protected their businesses the way the big limo businesses did.

Hey liberal, tell me again how government isn't getting into the private business of the market by picking winners and losers depending on how politically favored each is.

Atlas is already shrugging, dumb liberal.


Bill said...

As I read about this in the morning's WSJ, my blood boiled. They have both a news story and good editorial about the newly lawless NLRB.

I feel confident this ruling will not stand, but it's the future if Obama gets reelected and appoints a few more Supremes.

Ed said...

The tentacles of the federal bureaucracy are as insidious as they are intrusive. This is not the economic system the founders envisioned.