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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trump's potential candidacy

I'm sure you've heard folks like Karl Rove, Dana Perino, Krauthammer, and other conservatives dismiss Donald Trump as a joke candidate and publicity hound and not fit to be President. Trump's polling numbers are very high but there's still a long time to the election. Lots can change in 18 months.

One thing that is likely not to change is the moribund state of the US economy. President Obama isn't likely to do anything positive to fix it because a weakened, hamstrung America in decline fits into his world view. Trump, on the other hand, is a business man and who better to fix money problems than a take-no-prisoners business man?

Sure, he's not a skeevy lawyer like most politicians. Nor is he politically ambitious to the point of being craven like most politicians. He's just a highly successful business man. Why is the idea of a Trump presidency any more preposterous than the presidency of a race-hustling, two-bit, street-corner pamphleteer? It's far less preposterous if you ask me. At least Trump has plenty of real-world experience creating wealth and jobs. What did Obama do before politics? He agitated the entitlement class in Chicago after skating through law school on what was probably an affirmative-action scholarship. We'll never know because he's sealed all his records.

The old-school pundits prefer the traditional next-in-line candidates to run because they are comfortable bashing them because they are a known item. Trump wouldn't care what they said. His apathy toward the media would enrage them. And that alone would be worth his being President for me.

All I'm saying is before you dismiss the idea of a Trump presidency, tell me what career politician in the field of GOP hopefuls is better suited for the job of economic recovery at hand? Remember, they're all politicians which means they are liars and cheats.


Bill said...

I dismiss it out of hand as a publicity stunt. A joke.

Ed said...

Certainly it is impossible to imagine a President Trump, but his populist, common-sense points have struck a nationalist, self-defensive chord with a lot of Americans. I hope at least he drives the debate in that direction. That'll be the biggest service guys like Trump and Gingrich serve leading up to 2012.

Bill said...

Wow, you named the two with the most ex-wives between them. ;-)

nathan said...

He would be a great GOP candidate and he does have great business savvy and he does not give a shit what the liberal media says about him, which is great, it would be nice to see a presidential candidate with some backbone.