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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, April 08, 2011

Democrat Linda Sanchez unwittingly personifies what's wrong with Washington

With a government shutdown looming, most congress-critters are pledging to donate their paychecks during the shutdown to charity, in solidarity with those Hill staffers who're deemed "non-essential". California democrat Linda Sanchez has other ideas, however. She says that she lives paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford to not get paid.

Let's see, she makes $174,000 a year and lives paycheck to paycheck.....sort of illustrates what's wrong with Washington in the first place doesn't it?


Bill said...

This is the woman who won re-election after proclaiming - in Spanish - that a Vietnamese man was trying to "take over" the Latino congressional seat. She personifies balkanized identity politics.

Ed said...

Liberals can win on the issues in only a few places in America, Boston, San Fran, and maybe Portland. The rest have to use straw-man issues to distract voters from the real issues.