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Monday, April 11, 2011

Government Motors cars are living down to our expectations

Be careful when you're driving smugly down the highway and you go to use the steering wheel in your brand-new Chevy Cruze made by Government Motors. This is what you just might see.

Apparently the steering wheels of these stupid cars have been falling off during operation. Sound hilarious to me, that is until somebody gets hurt.

But what do you expect when you hire lazy, scandalously overpaid, union thugs to build cars for you? They have no incentives to build quality cars because no matter how badly the company fails, craven democrats will be there to bail them out again with billions seized from taxpayers.

I swear, if you are dumb enough to buy ANY GM or Chrysler vehicle, you may deserve to have the steering wheel fall off in your hands at 70mph.


David said...

I'm laughing out loud at the thought of some chucklehead cruising down the road, cigarette in mouth, baseball cap askew, when suddenly the steering wheel comes off in his hands. Hilarious. I bet this will give the sphincter the work out of a lifetime!

Bill said...

Until he comes across the median and hits you head-on. :-(

Anonymous said...

You sir, are stupid, end of story. =-)