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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Obama gets one right for a change

Just like with Reagan and PATCO, if the miserable teachers union wants to make unreasonable demands and not have any accountability, fire the lot.....

From the Telegram -- PROVIDENCE — A long-troubled high school that fired all its educators last week is an example of the need for accountability over student performance, President Barack Obama said Monday during an address in Washington.

Obama cited a decision last week to fire 93 teachers, administrators and other support staff by the end of the year at Central Falls High School, as an example of school reform. No more than half of those teachers could be hired back under federal rules.

The union wants Central Falls to reconsider the firings and restart talks with a mediator.

Yeah I'll bet they do. The union should be banished and no unionized teachers should be hired to fill those jobs. The teachers in Providence made on average, 3 times as much as the average citizen in that town yet, only 7% of juniors could pass the state math test......7%!

I hope this signals the recognition of union uselessness in the work-place and it's impotence when it comes to politics. Labor should be like any other commodities market....subject to the laws of supply, demand, and price.


David said...

This is a great story and a wonderful example of to stymie the march of mediocrity.

Most of the teachers were surprised to discover they worked for the school system and NOT the union.

Bill Lockhart said...

I think NONE of them should be hired back. They were crummy teachers already. Unless they go back and earn a real degree at a real university (not online with no classroom experience). Then maybe they will have learned how to teach. Did Reagan ever hire back PATCO? If a recall, precious few.