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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Government regulation of popcorn prices....sheer idiocy!

This is in Israel but, don't be surprised if some degenerate, nanny-state liberal tries it here too...

From Breitbart -- An Israeli lawmaker is hoping to butter up voters and pass a law that would limit outrageous popcorn prices at the movies.

Carmel Shama, from the governing Likud party, plans to bring the "popcorn law" for a vote when parliament returns from its Passover break next week, the mass-selling Yediot Aharonot newspaper reported Wednesday.

"We have to put an end to this. The public should not have to mortgage their houses for a soft drink and a snack," Shama told the paper.

A large box of popcorn usually sells for about five dollars (four euros) at theatre concession stands, more than double what it costs at a supermarket and 10 times more than it would cost to make at home.

Movie theaters don't make anything on movie ticket sales. All that money goes to the studio. Theaters use movies as an attraction to get people to buy concessions. If barber-shop quartets on stage sold more popcorn and goobers, there would be no movie theaters. This is how theaters make money. Whose business is it to tell them how much to charge for popcorn? If the movie-going public decides it's too much, they'll stop going to the movies and he'll be forced to lower his prices. Otherwise, the market is perfectly capable of determining the fair price for movie popcorn. Just because you want cheaper popcorn at the movies, doesn't make that a proper function of the government to provide it to you. But, that's the problem with many Americans. If a law's intended purpose pleases them personally, they think it's OK for the government to impose. They rarely look at the constitutionality of laws, just whether it pleases them, and politicians count on that character flaw among voters.

When I first read the headline I assumed it was somewhere in the US because this is precisely the sort of idiocy I'd expect from our smarmy, democrat politicians. I was shocked to hear it's in Israel. They usually don't put up with nonsense like this.

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Bill Lockhart said...

When I saw the headline, I thought it was a bill in our Congress, too. If you don't like the price of popcorn don't buy it. If it really is too expensive, people will stop buying it and they will have to drop the price--supply/demand. No need for government intervention. It's not like price fixing on a necessity.