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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chairman Zero is embarrassed by the US flag

Chairman Zero ordered that the US military NOT fly the American flag in Haiti at our base of operations there.

For the uninitiated, all countries offering aid in a foreign land, fly their flag to show that country's solidarity with the host nation. Great Britain, France, and Croatia all fly their flags in Haiti but, Obama refuses to fly the American flag because, as a spokesperson said, "We are not here as an occupation force, but as an international partner committed to supporting the government of Haiti on the road to recovery".

You may remember when the earthquake first hit and Americans, as usual, were the first to arrive with help, Hugo Chavez and the French, sniffed that our rush to aid was a ruse for an occupation force to take over Haiti. I guess to a weak narcissist like Obama, getting our enemies to like him is far more important than exhibiting national pride. Never mind that US aid dwarfs all other aid combined.....it always does but, we never get any credit for it, from liberal politicians or despicable media types.

Exit question: who in his right mind would invade and occupy a crap-hole like Haiti? If we wanted to occupy that island, we would have invaded the Dominican Republic on the other side.


Bobby T said...

Lets invade Haiti and pick up the three hundred thousand people out of work there, since we have a surplus of jobs, available to all who enter our country, legally or illegally. We can then add them to our payroll directly moving the debt figure into the next "..Illion" after zillion. All we need is a destitute island thatalways gets hit by hurricanes. What an idiot this ultra-maroon of a president we have!

Bill Lockhart said...

What Bobby T said.