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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea-Party Re-cap

In case you weren't able to attend a tea-party protest yesterday in your area, here are a few of the sights and signs that were at ours in Birmingham....
Here I am with my friend A.T. That's me on the right.

There were a lot of FairTax supporters at our rally. While it would truly be great for America, I don't know if the FairTax really has a chance since politicians would be giving up a lot of control via the tax code....politicians never like to give up control of our lives.

The estimates were that we had around 7,000 people in attendance. And that's on a Wednesday night when many conservatives are at church. Had it been on any other evening, there would have been even more.

Of course there are Storm-troopers at practically every event.

Ayn Rand signs were every where. The people see where America is headed and they don't like it.


David said...

I saw some of the demonstrations in the Atlanta area. Could not participate as I was dressed inappropriately but was affected with lots of automobile traffic. I was stuck in it but just smiled. It was refreshing for American's to get off their (large) arses for once.

ed said...

Let's hope the outrage lasts all the way thruogh the mid-terms. If we throw a bunch of these bums(from both parties) out, the rest might realize they need to tow the conservative, low-tax, low-spending, free-market line, or they'll get tossed too.

Tracie said...

Looks like fun!

ed said...

Rick and Bubba the DJ's were there and since they are big friends of Hannity's, we had a short segment from Atlanta where Sean talked to them at our rally. It was kind of cool.

Trevor Davidoski said...

Hello -

I'm an Associate Producer for a documentary for Jigsaw Productions and I was hoping to use one of your images from this post in the documentary.

Please feel free to send me an email to discuss.

Thanks in advance.


Trevor Davidoski said...