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Monday, April 06, 2009

Levi Johnston and his family are turds.

I lost what little respect I had for Levi Johnston when he abdicated his parental responsibilities and left Briston Palin to raise their kid by herself. But now his whole dispicable family is trying to cash in on his pre-marital sex mistake by hitting the sleezy, day-time talk-show circuit...starting with Tyra Banks. What kind of stupid turds are this kid and his family? Awkward doesn't begin to describe what it's going to be like when he goes to visit his kid at the Palin home after dishing about them on TV?

I think he wants to burn the bridges with the Palin's. That way, not only does he cash in but, his responsibility for his kid is minimized because he won't be welcome at the Palins' home.

If I were Todd and Sarah, I'd have a child-support lawyer filing claims to seize the maximum percentage of Levi's take during his paid interview, traveling odyssey. What a dumb kid!

UPDATE: I've learned that the Johnstons did this interview with Tyra, not for money, but just for the fun of dishing on the Palin's. Which shows that they are either psychotically mean-spirited or just plain stupid. I vote for stupid.

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