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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, July 11, 2014

The presidents of Mexico and Guatemala collude against the US

I mentioned in an earlier post that the presidents of Mexico and Guatemala signed on Monday, an agreement called, The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage.

Here's a link to the article detailing what was agreed to.

When are we going to hear that Obama had something to do with facilitating this deal? Why would Mexico do this if not at the behest of Obama? Mexico has nothing to gain by granting safe passage up to America's border, unless Obama bribed them somehow. 

Obama wants as big a humanitarian crisis as he can manufacture down on the border because he knows most Americans, and certainly the feckless media, are crisis driven and our resolve to oppose amnesty will wilt when we're treated night after night, to story after story, with picture after picture of bedraggled urchins being warehoused in our own country. The bigger the crisis, the easier it'll be to get an amnesty bill passed. 

And amnesty will only be the beginning. Then the law suits will start. Smarmy immigration lawyers are already lining up client lists to sue the federal government for every little inconvenience these urchins experienced since they left home. The courts will be overwhelmed, the entitlement programs will be overwhelmed, schools and hospitals will be overwhelmed, and taxes will have to be raised to pay for it all. And Obama will have fundamentally transformed America as he promised and in doing so, created perhaps millions of future democrat voters.

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