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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DHS becoming a heavy-handed domestic police force

The DHS was created in the aftermath of 9/11 to protect America from terrorists, man-made accidents and natural disasters, but it has far overstepped it's purview in recent years to become a standing domestic army arrayed against US citizens for all manner of petty "crime". 

Power-mad DHS thugs have been used to seize contraband NFL jerseys for copyright infringement,  to stage a terrifying show of force outside a courthouse in Greenville, NC when promoting the idiotic "See Something, Say Something" program, to storming a small Illinois town with a black helicopter, armored vehicles, and heavily armed agents all to apprehend some dude for downloading porn on his computer, to most recently when six black DHS SUV's full of heavily armed agents/thugs seized a couple's 25 year old, recently purchased on eBay, $60,000 Land Rover because it failed to meet current EPA emission standards.....no due process, no appeals heard, nothing. 

DHS more than any other agency except maybe the EPA, is emblematic of America's decline into a militarized police state where a national police force operates heavy-handedly and without accountability, apparently.  

Obama promised a national police force as well-funded and armed as the military and that's what we've got. 

This might be what you see out your front window if you drive the wrong car, look at the wrong website, or think anti-government thoughts. 

Hat tip to infowars.com.

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