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Monday, July 14, 2014

Bill Cassidy learns the hard way that abstinence-only doesn't work

Bill Cassidy is a republican state senator in Louisiana and he's running to unseat democrat Mary Landreau from her US Senate seat. Comically for me, he's also a crusader for abstinence-only for teen birth control. 

So of course predictably, his 17 year old, unmarried daughter just announced she's pregnant. By a show of hands, who didn't see that coming? Just as I suspected, zero.

I might offend some people here, but simply lecturing teenagers with hell-fire and brimstone threats that sex is bad until you're married, isn't an efficacious method for getting them to not have pre-marital sex. Did we learn nothing from Bristol Palin about birth control?

Nothing's wrong with teaching, on moral/religious grounds, that pre-marital sex is not the right choice to make. But teens are going to do what teens do regardless of what parents tell them. Some will have sex, some won't, regardless of how certain, sanctimonious parents are that it only happens to kids of bad parents. I'll bet the Cassidy's thought unplanned, teen pregnancy only happened to "bad girls", never their daughter. All you can do as a parent is educate them and hope they make good decisions if they find themselves in a situation that requires one......or never let them out of the house unsupervised. But that usually results in a lot of adult-level reckless behavior when they finally do cut the apron strings and leave home.

See, politically this is why republicans need to get off the moral high-horse.....it's too easy to be labelled hypocritical when the very things you judgmentally ignore happen to your family.

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