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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, July 03, 2014

I got sidled this morning

So I'm grabbing some breakfast at the VA canteen across the street and I'm at the drink cooler selecting a V8-Splash to wash it down with, and this dude who works there, sidles up next to me, close enough that our shoulders are touching and he doesn't back away. He reached across me, which interfered with my reach, to get what he wanted, never acknowledging the intrusion.
Then he's behind me in the checkout line and again, he's right next to me, in blatant violation of personal-space, check-out line protocol. I was like, is this guy hitting on me, or just an ass-hole? It would have made more sense if he was hitting on me, but he needs to bring better game than that. 
I think he was just an intrusive sidler. Jerk!

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