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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The viral butt-chugging press conference video

The University of Tennessee needed something to distract people from it's dreadful football team, but I doubt this hilarious press conference on butt-chugging is what they had in mind....


Apparently this kid received from his fraternity brothers, a very classy, Franzia boxed-wine enema and was subsequently transported to the ER with a BAC of 0.4, that's 5 times the legal limit and could be deadly. 

-That the fraternity felt the need to call a press conference about it made it weird.
-Having the entire complement of dumb-looking frat boys standing in the back ground with dark glasses like they were attending a funeral made it comically surreal in an "Animal House" sort of way.
-And the elderly bow-tied Pi Kappa Alpha attorney repeatedly uttering the term "butt-chugging" made it a little embarrassing to watch.....

But the funniest thing was that the whole press conference was called apparently to firmly establish the sexual orientation of one Mr. Alexander P. Broughton, the butt-chugger. Yeah, whatever you say. If you let other men stick a tube in your ass so they can apply a wine enema for you to get drunk on, then you are at the very least, bi-curious.

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