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Monday, October 15, 2012

Florida awards blacks "dumbest race in America" title

This might just be the stupidest, most blatantly racist move ever made by public officials. The Florida Board of Education elected to initiate race-based outcome expectations for HS students.

By 2015, 92% of Asians are expected to be reading at their grade level, but only 74% of blacks. Whites and Hispanics fall in between. This is the best demonstration in recent memory of "the soft bigotry of low expectations" by which minorities are given easier tests and lower grade standards than other races in order to help them be academically successful. How does failing to meet normal standards, but being given passing grades regardless, qualify as "successful"?

The weird part is that the Florida Board of Education is made up of white republicans....evidently GUILTY white republicans. Democrats try this stuff all the time, but white republicans should know better than to assign different standards for anything depending on race. This is detestable and while it might feel good to "help" minorities, it only harms them in the long run. How are black kids supposed to compete with Asians, whites, and Hispanics in college and the job market if they've never had to struggle academically in grade school?

To me, this is the worst kind of racism because its pretense is compassion.

H/T to Pat over at Belch for the link.


Anonymous said...

Sure. If you can't compete with the white man, they'll pat you on the head, extoll the greatness of your "culture". But when you get your affirmative action degree, go to the head of the line and enjoy preferential hiring, expect to last about a week. Guaranteed, your employer will have no qualms about telling you to clean out your desk by Friday afternoon. But hey., you did feel good when told you were great on campus because of your ethnicity. Problem is., no American Corporation will hve anythying to do with you after the first 10 minutes you are hired. Your stupidity will shine, shine through and youl will be escorted to the "door". So much for preferential hiring. Of course., if you speak Espanol cancel the above. You will be promoted, given a raise, patted on the head by some white pOS and told how valuable you are to the organization, a statement believed by no one.

Anonymous said...
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Ed said...

I had to delete a couple of comments for gratuitous racism, which I don't tolerate.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this study based on actual factual data though? It's pretty easy to calculate grades by race since both of those metrics are probably in the school's databases. Why is it racist to point this out? It's probably more cultural than racial intelligence. I think, on average, that white families place more importance on studies in school than black families, and that asians top the white families.

Anonymous said...

Well just compare Africa with Europe and you have the answer. Stats and facts don't lie.

Anonymous said...

The truth is always racist especially when facts are involved.

Anonymous said...

wEll lets narrow this down its is said Africans have been there for 60,000 yrs
and till this day they still have not managed how to feed themselves

zakzwijn said...

The cold hard truth is indeed very racist! Cmon man look at Africa and look at Europe and the US. There's a reason Africa is such a 3rd world shithole, and that reason is not 'da white man'.

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