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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Obama tells contractors to break the law and taxpayers will pay the fines

The term "sequestration" as it applies to spending politics means that when congress sets spending limits below current levels in order to force fiscal responsibility, the difference in that limit and what's actually getting spent is "sequestered" and as a result, all programs get cut by some percentage across the board in order to comply with the original limit.

There's a sequestration trigger looming on Jan2 which means that under the law, all government contractors must notify employees of impending layoffs 60 days in advance. This means that thousands of workers will receive layoff notices a day or two before the polls open in November.

For obvious reasons, this terrifies Obama. So he promised these contractors that if they violate the law and do not notify employees of layoffs until after he's re-elected, he'll pay all their fines with taxpayer money.

Is this even legal? How can an administration encourage any law breaking and get away with it? I guess if you're the first black President and the groveling, guilty white media is hell-bent on getting you re-elected, you can pretty much get away with murder and they won't make as much as a peep.

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