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Friday, October 05, 2012

Hilda Solis cooks the books for Obama on jobs

As predicted by almost everybody, the unemployment rate would be reported as below the magical 8% threshold right before the election, regardless of the actual numbers. Here's labor secretary and Obama toady Hilda Solis defending the ridiculous 7.8% number to skeptical reporters who also think she's a liar.....


There are two ways of reporting unemployment: one is "establishment" method and the other is "household" method. Solis had the Bureau of Labor Statistics use the household method because it's just a phone survey and easily fudged. The "establishment" method is more scientific.

Watch the video, even the mainstream media think she's cooking the books on these jobs numbers. But she had to get the number below 8% because everybody knows no incumbent President has ever won reelection when the unemployment rate was 8% or above.

It doesn't really matter though (except that Obama gets to brag about it for the next month) because if you take into account all the people who've given up looking for work, the real unemployment is more in the 11%-14% range. But you won't hear that reported on the evening news. You'll only get that kind of insightful analysis and crack reporting right here at TRR.

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