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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, October 19, 2012

if you are a tourist, prepare to get screwed

If you stay in New Orleans, avoid the Riverside Hilton. These bandits want $12.95/day for wifi access. Who am I, Mitt Romney? I like being connected, but not at that price. If Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express can offer free wifi throughout their hotels, surely Hilton can too. Don't know why I'm surprised.....everything in tourist towns is designed to screw the visitors out of as much money as possible and the dirtiest city in America is no different. We were listening to Zydeco and ordering 2-fer-1 beers last night and she kept charging me $7 for my one Bud Light. I'm such a rube that it took like 2 rounds to figure out that she was charging me double for my "one" beer and giving me two. It wasn't a special. It was a bait the tourists in with the promise of a special, then switch to normal prices. This is why I generally like staying home.

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