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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The entitled-student class

The first question in the second debate between Romney and Obama featured this college kid named Jeremy Epstein who asked, and I'm paraphrasing...

"...what can you do to assure me and my parents that I'll be able to sufficiently support myself after graduation?"

Romney should have said that there are no assurances, that it's up to you the student to choose a marketable major, and then to perform well in school so that you stand out above your fellow job applicants. His major is exercise science so there might be hospital rehab type work for him but what about these kids who major in Women's Studies, African-American Studies, or God forbid Philosophy, then complain that nobody will hire them? 

It's not the responsibility of the economy at large to provide a high-paying job for you when you graduate. All you are guaranteed is a fair opportunity to compete for the jobs that are out there, or better yet an opportunity to create your own job. Attending college doesn't guarantee you employment. These kids seem to think that it does.   

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