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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Headline -- "Atlantic hurricane helps lazy guy in Alabama rake leaves"

Because of the effects of hurricane Sandy, the wind at my house in Birmingham is blowing from the east to the west rather than west to east....very rare. It just so happens that the direction I need to rake my leaves is westward, so the unusual wind direction helps me. Normally I'm fighting the wind to get the leaves to the street. If only Sandy would strengthen to a category 3 hurricane, I could sit on my deck and drink a beer while the leaves rake themselves to the street.

I realize that a cat.3 hurricane would cause massive devastation, billions in property damage, and possible loss of life up and down the eastern seaboard. On the plus side however, I wouldn't have to rake so much this weekend....so they kind of balance out. I could go either way.

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