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Monday, September 10, 2012

Valerie Jarrett.....Obama puppet master

Why does Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett deserve 24/7 Secret Service protection at great taxpayer expense? At the height of the Left's unhinged hatred of Karl Rove during which he received multiple daily threats to his life, he never once got SS protection. What is it about Jarrett?

Does she think she deserves protection in the same way Nancy Pelosi thought she "deserved" a private Air Force jet at her disposal to fly around the world whenever she wanted. Or like Michelle Obama who thinks she "deserves" to take at taxpayer expense, dozens of extravagant vacations with scores of personal friends to exotic locations? Or is it something more?

-When Obama met privately with Warren Buffet in the White House private dining area, three, not two, places were set for the President, Buffet, and Jarrett.
-She regularly follows Obama to the private living quarters where she dines with him and Michelle.
-She also was the one who told Obama when was the right time out of many opportunities, to give the "GO" order on Bin Laden.

In short, Valerie Jarrett is the President in a very real, operational sense. Obama doesn't make a move without her approval or at her urging. If something untoward happened to her, Obama would be lost....he would be the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, and he knows it.

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