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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, September 07, 2012

Democrat -- the official party of atheism and antisemitism

Proposed slogan for the DNC -- "The DNC, come for the socialism, stay for the atheism and anti semitism."

When Barack Obama, the de facto head of the Democrat Party, had the lone reference to God and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel removed from the democrat national platform, he effectively alienated Christians and Jews from his base....just kidding, democrats didn't care? 

The US government has always had a policy of supporting Israel in the middle east as she is the sole representative republic in the region. American Christians support Israel because the Bible commanded in Genesis 12:2-3 when God spoke to Abraham saying, [sic]"......I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse...".

This isn't a post about supporting Israel. I don't care where you stand on that, my question for democrat believers is how can you as Christians, stand with a party whose basic platform specifically and intentionally removed God and political support for Israel.

"But Ed", you whine, "surely you as a libertarian can't agree with everything the GOP stands for, yet you vote with the GOP most of the time.

Certainly you are correct, but my differences with the GOP are political minutiae compared to the slap in the face to Christians of specifically removing the name of God from the party documentation. I don't know how it's possible to rationalize that unless progressivism and the advancement of a socialist agenda are more important than your belief in God.....then it makes perfect sense. 

I guess if you are a casual, for-appearances Christian and your belief isn't really that big a part of your life, then abandoning God isn't a big deal for you. 


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

@ed "...how can you as Christians, stand with a party whose basic platform specifically and intentionally removed God and political support for Israel."

A couple of Bible truths, Ed.

1) Jesus did not appeal to Rome for assistance of any kind, nor did he instruct his disciples to do so.

Governments, political parties and political platforms are not vehicles for the implementation of God's plan for this world. Any efforts by Christians in those arenas are misdirected and wasted.

2) Modern Israel is not the reincarnation of ancient Israel. The Bible plainly and clearly states that God divorced ancient Israel because it was thoroughly and incorrigibly wicked.

After that, ancient Israel disappeared from the pages of time, never to exist again.

Modern Israel is not one of God's projects. Modern Israel will never become one of God's projects. God does not support Israel. God does not bless Israel. Modern Israelis are not God's chosen people.

While I cannot say with authority that God hates Israelis, I can say with certainty that God hates Israel's many terrible sins.

I, a fervent Christian, do, too. That does not make me an anti-Semite. It makes me an anti-sinite.

Ed said...

Isaac, my personal belief is that politicians, or government, are the last people I'd look to for religious guidance, therefore I see no need to include God in policy making, domestic or foreign.

Does God give politicians guidance? I doubt it because they are all corrupt to the core as far as I can tell.

I do think that most Christians believe that modern Israel is consistent with historical Israel...geographically. This is the reason Christians support Israel.

My support for Israel is because they are our ally in a part of the world in which we have interests....OIL, to be precise. Plus, I despise Islam in all its forms as a barbaric cult, so naturally I'll side with who ever resists the regional blight that is Islam.

Do you think that the diaspora was just part of world geographical history and that Israel should never have been reconstituted? Of course if not for Hitler and the Holocaust I doubt modern Israel would exist today. You have him to blame Isaac, not the US and Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Neither of you who commented back have ever studied the Christian faith in depth. If you have you would see you are totally off base in your assumptions about Christians and our beliefs.

Moden day Israel is the same Israel that God said to protect. The end times told about in Revelation also talk about this same Israel.

God does give guidance just like He gives it to you and me. However man is foolish and sinful and it is up to us to listen to Him.

The only thing I can't stand more then an uneducated voter is someone who tries to use the word of God in their own way. You might not believe in God's word now or ever, you may not see His plan for your life and our world but I promise you one day I will have the chance to prove you wrong. One day you will see the truth and I pray that you don't find out that the hard way.

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